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IPAF Renewal Training

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The IPAF Renewal course aims to refresh and renew operatives who hold a valid IPAF certification for an access platform and ensure safe and efficient operation and to update knowledge and understanding in line with industry guidance, best practice and legislation.

The IPAF renewal course is a more convenient and direct course for experienced operators to update their PAL card; the course can be delivered via the e-learning route or instructor led and more practical tests can now be carried out in one day.

What’s more – a convenient way for operators to record their experience is by using the free to use digital logbook on the IPAF smartphone app, ePAL. Download the app today and book your renewal training! Find out more here. 

Find out more here. 

Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates  

IPAF Renewal Training

Experienced (one machine) 1 Day 6 Maximum Make Enquiry
Experienced (two machines) 1 Day 4 Maximum Make Enquiry

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