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The Learner's Journey

Getting the most from your apprenticeship 

We are committed to ensuring apprentices get the most from our programmes. We work collaboratively with apprentices and employers to support the apprentice's learning progression, providing additional learning materials, support and, where required we can make reasonable adjustments to ensure all learners have an opportunity to progress successfully. 

The apprenticeship programmes are structured and include key milestones that are closely monitored and reviewed by our dedicated apprenticeship team and expert trainers. 

The learner's journey will be made up of the following components:

  • External Accredited Training Courses
  • Vocational Qualifications (where specified in the standard)
  • Functional Skills
  • Workbased Learning Records - allowing them to demostrate their onsite learning
  • Regular Reviews
  • Gateway Assessment
  • End Point Assessment 


To discuss our programmes in more detail and to take a look at our programme guide, 
please contact Tracy Colton, Head of Apprenticeships on 01246 263443 / tracy.colton@certoratraining.co.uk