Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Training

Our Electric Overhead Travelling Crane Training courses (EOTC) provide delegates with training on the following categories:

  • Pendant Control: at ground level, the operator uses pendant control which is attached to the crane to manoeuvre and operate the crane
  • Remote Control: similar to the pendant control system but the remote control is not attached to the crane, allowing the operator more freedom to move around, providing more flexibility in their working location
  • Cab Control: operated from the cab, the control is usually attached to the gantry of the crane, providing the operator a good vision of the operation from above.

For more course information on the types of EOTC we provide or for help selecting the correct course, get in touch with our team today.

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Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates

Pendant/Remote Control Crane

Novice 2 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 1 Day 3 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum

Cab Controlled Crane

Novice 5 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 3 Days 3 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum

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