Local Authorities

Training courses and qualifications developed for Local Authorities in control of a range of services such as roads / highways, waste management and public services.

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Council office

We provide training and qualifications to numerous Local Authorities in the UK who oversee a variety of services, including highway maintenance (including gully and road cleaning), community development, transportation, and waste management. As a member of WiredGov, we also collaborate with local authorities to ensure that the training they receive is tailored to their specific service requirements, taking into account important factors such as working in close proximity to the public.

Our courses are fully accredited and aligned with the relevant National Occupational Standards and industry best practice. We are committed to continuous improvement and have demonstrated this by being an ISO9001 approved organisation. Our services are regularly reviewed and evolve to keep pace with the changes in the industry and our customers’ requirements.

As a CIWM/WAMITAB approved provider, we offer a range of qualifications, including the site-based Waste Management qualifications and Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ) which is delivered virtually. We also offer the popular Continuing Competence Preparation Assessment Refresher Course, for those who want to update their technical competence knowledge prior to taking their touch screen test. Find out more here.

In case of unexpected absences or changes to staff roles, we offer Technical Competence Cover. This service involves sending an appropriately qualified person to your waste facility to act as a Technically Competent Manager (TCM) on a temporary basis.

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