We deliver the MPQC Operator Competency Scheme for a full range of plant, process, construction and road surfacing plant categories throughout the UK. If you work in the Extractives or Mineral Processing industry, the Minerals Products Qualification Council (MPQC) is the recognised accredited standard for mobile plant operatives.

We support equipment operators through their journey from initial training on the required categories of mobile plant, followed by an onsite operational assessment for the award of an MPQC Assessed Operator status (previously known as a Red MPQC card). Each assessment consists of a Health and Safety Test and a practical assessment. Assessments can take up to 2 hours and include key assessment factors directly associated to the machine category and the operational duties of that machine. Once completed, learners are registered to complete an MPQC Level 2 Vocational Qualification.

MPQC Operator Competency Scheme Explained

MPQC Mobile Plant Training and Assessment Categories

Level 2 MPQC Qualifications

Our Assessors work with each learner to build an evidence-based portfolio. On completion, they will be awarded their qualification and their Assessed Operator status will be upgraded to an MPQC Competent Operator (previously known as a Blue MPQC card).

The MPQC competency scheme continues to have a reciprocity agreement with CPCS, which allows operators to transfer their MPQC card to CPCS and vice versa. If you are looking to transfer the categories of your MPQC card to CPCS you will need to complete an application form.

Plant Operative Status Glossary

  • Assessed - an operative has completed formal training and passed an observational assessment on the item of mobile plant - valid for 2 years, non-renewable.
  • Competent - an Assessed operative who has also completed a relevant Vocational Qualification in plant operations, process operations, extractives construction or road surfacing - valid for 5 years
  • Authorised - those who are required to operate mobile plants for maintenance purposes only and have successfully completed an MPQC Test and Repair assessment - valid for 5 years
  • Concessionary - for individuals who operate quarry light vehicles (4x4) and have completed a relevant operational assessment - valid for 5 years

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The scheme no longer issues Red and Blue Cards. Instead you are awarded an Assessed Operator status or a Competent Operator status. Assessed Operator - you must have completed formal training and successfully passed an operational assessment by an approved MPQC Assessment Centre. This status is valid for 2 years and in this time you must complete the relevant Level 2 Vocational Qualification,

Competent Operator - you are an Assessed Operator who has completed the relevant Level 2 Vocational Qualification. Your original status is updated from 2 years to 5 years.

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