Wheeled Loader Training

Fully accredited Wheeled Loading Shovel Training of all types and bucket sizes, available across the UK mainland, delivered at customer-specific locations.

Experienced instructors provide delegates of all experience levels with the relevant skills and knowledge required to operate the Wheeled Loader safely and effectively. Training is also available on a range of attachment types including forks, grapples and telescopic booms.

Training is delivered across a diverse range of industry sectors, with courses approved by leading accrediting bodies including MPQC, EU Skills and NPORS.

Looking for Tracked Loader Training? We offer that too!

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Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates

Wheeled Loader

Novice Basic Operations 3 Days 3 Maximum
Novice Vehicle Loading 5 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced Basic Operations 2 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced Vehicle Loading 4 Days 3 Maximum
Operational Upgrade 2 - 4 Days (dependent on application level) 3 Maximum
Refresher and Re-Test 1 Day 3 Maximum

NPORS Loading Shovel (N209)

Novice 5 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 1 - 2 Days 6 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum

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