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Rail Safety Awareness Training

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Developed for the construction materials sector to provide appropriate training for railhead/terminal/port personnel who are required to walk or work on or near railway works where slow moving trains operate.

Created and delivered by our partner Victa Railfreight and endorsed by the Mineral Products Association (MPA) and the Rail Freight Group (RFG), the course consists of an interactive theory (classroom) session and a practical demonstration of correct practice when walking or working on or near the railway/within yards and sidings, including safe walking distance and safely walking behind trains. The course will be completed with a short multiple choice question paper and practical assessment.

Courses can be held on your site as a closed course or for those businesses who would prefer to send their personnel to a training location, we have teamed up with construction materials industry to provide a calendar of dates and sites throughout the UK.

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Rail Safety Awareness Training

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Rail Safety Awareness Training