IPAF MEWPS for Managers

Our IPAF MEWPS for Managers course is a perfect route for Supervisors and Managers on site to understand all that is needed to know for the safe and effective use of MEWP's onsite.

This includes topics such as planning the job, completing the risk assessment, understanding optimum cost-efficiency and lessening risks.

The course is designed to be completed in 6-8 hours broken down into manageable chunks for a structured learning approach.

IPAF ePAL - All candidates who successfully complete their IPAF training will now receive their licence, logbook, and safety guide digitally through the IPAF app straight to their phone.

E-Learning - Did you know we offer e-learning variations for this course? Contact our team today to find out more!

Looking for an alternative route? See below for more details about our NPORS N035 MEWP Supervisor Awareness course.

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Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates

IPAF MEWPS for Managers

Experienced 1 Day 10

NPORS MEWP Supervisor Awareness (N035)

Managers and Supervisors 1 Day 6 Maximum

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