Counterbalance Truck Training

Counterbalance Trucks are commonly used across a wide variety of industries for numerous applications, with a range of attachments available to suit the needs of the operator and the load to be handled.

Safe and efficient stacking and de-stacking of various loads are included in-depth as well as vehicle loading and unloading. Battery care and maintenance or truck refueling is also part of the course.

We offer training on all sizes and capacities of counterbalance trucks from smaller maneuverable electric 3 wheelers through to more powerful 50,000kg capacity diesel machines for heavy duty loads.

Please see below for a list of all available truck specifications available for training.

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Course Type Operator Experience Course Duration Delegates

Rider Counterbalance Trucks
B1 up to 5000kg
B2 5001kg to 15000kg
B3 15001kg+
B4 Rider electric stand on counterbalance
J1 Rough terrain masted lift trucks

Novice 5 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 3 Days 3 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum
Conversion 1-2 Days (dependent on truck type) 3 Maximum

Pedestrian Counterbalance
A3 Pedestrian electric fork lift truck

Novice 3 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 1 Day 3 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum

NPORS Industrial Counterbalanced Lift Truck (N001)

Novice 5 Days 3 Maximum
Experienced 1-2 Days 4 Maximum
Refresher 1 Day 3 Maximum

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