Managed Training Service

Let us help you streamline your administration resources and manage all your training requests to support you in the best way possible.

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Management of all your Training

We have been delivering training across all types and sizes of UK businesses since 1988. We provide individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to be safe and confident operators and instructors onsite.

Our team of dedicated Co-ordinator and Account Managers will support you in finding the most suitable courses for you and your employees.

Managing your Training

Our experience of managing training budgets, co-ordinating training and aligning training with company specific competency matrices has seen our service evolve beyond just direct delivery.

Working with our team to streamline your own administration resources and manage your training requests, you can expect to receive a dedicated account team, a streamlined booking service, back and disaster recovery complete reporting and regular review meetings, bespoke training solutions, certification and renewal training.

We have also developed a strong network of approved specialist training providers and a catalogue of training courses to offer a one call training service.

Our sourcing team will manage, coordinate, administer, review and facilitate all of your operational training requirements. Courses range from Confined Space and Working at Height through to Fire Extinguisher and First Aid training.

Get in touch with our team today and we can help structure and manage your training requests.

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