Are you complying with legal operating waste requirements?

Is your site operating under an Environmental Agency (EA) permit? Did you know that you are required to employ a Technically Competent Manager and gain an approved scheme certificate, such as WAMITAB under the regulations of your permit?

Primary and Continuing Competence
To meet the requirements of the CIWM/WAMITAB Operator Competence Scheme, technically competent people must demonstrate Primary Competence by completing a qualification, units and/or training programme(s) which demonstrate that they have the knowledge and skills to ensure waste sites comply with Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations. A Continuing Competence test must then be taken to demonstrate that their skills have kept pace with the changes made across the waste management industry e.g. the introduction of new legislation, technologies and/or techniques.

Waste Management
The process of disposing waste including the collection, transport and treatment starting from recycling through to landfill disposal is known as waste management. All sites are tightly regulated under the same guidelines with some sites including multiple waste management elements.

Levels of Risk
The EA classifies all waste under a waste risk tier table with all facilities falling under one of the following categories; low, medium or high risk. Low risk sites typically include electronic waste storage, inert physical treatment of waste and the use of waste in construction and high-risk sites include open and closed landfill sites, hazardous clinical waste treatment and the recovery of hazardous waste.

The waste risk tier table, which can be found on the WAMITAB website, will allow you to see what qualification is needed for the operational environmental of your site or business and allow you to have the right competence on site.

Certora can provide a full remit of waste qualifications and we are keen to promote and support the correct safety elements in the waste sector through effective and accredited training and assessments.

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