Are you Selecting the Correct MEWP for the Job?

All industries and environments have their own level of responsibilities and ways in which they demonstrate competency throughout their workforce; this will differ depending on the risk levels of that particular site but will not discourage the fact that competency is key to maintaining any safe working environment and having the right people and the right equipment on site is vital.

To minimise any wrongdoings or accidents on site, there is a need for employers to not only assess the standard of operator training and competency of the employees but also their ability to select the correct equipment required for the job prior to commencement.

Training on access equipment forms a huge part of our core training service, accredited by IPAF for over 18 years. Our courses cover all categories of mobile elevated work platforms.

A lot of workplace accidents on MEWPS are caused due to factors such as the operational surroundings and weather conditions with many resulting in falls from height or even entrapment. However, one key consideration in these accidents is whether or not the equipment was fit for purpose.

IPAF has recently addressed this issue and produced a course that demonstrates a thorough site assessment and selection of the correct MEWP to carry out the job at hand. Recent IPAF analysis states that underlying causes can be traced back to attempting the job using an incorrect machine or untrained operator or supervisor and following this, the new IPAF course ‘Site Assessment (Selecting the Correct MEWP)' can now be delivered.

The recently developed course is for those who hold a valid PAL card certifying successful completion or IPAF Operator and IPAF MEWPS for Managers training. The half-day course can be completed at an IPAF-approved training centre like our Chesterfield training location or alternatively online via an e-learning platform from the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about the IPAF Site Assessment course, or get in touch today.

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