Certora Training Attends RWM & Let’s Recycle Live Expo 2023

RWM and Let’s Recycle Live returned once again to NEC Birmingham on 13th and 14th September and we exhibited after a five-year hiatus.

From the Wombles to the Ed Sheeran look-alike – we had a fantastic time at the show! Our team enjoyed meeting, and talking to, many like-minded people from the waste and resource management industry about all things training, qualifications and safety.

Voices of the Industry

Seminars hosted by key industry speakers were insightful and eye-opening. A great audience attended the ‘Training and Competence within the Waste Management Industry’ seminar. The panel included speakers from CIWM, WISH, IOSH and REA who discussed the latest trends and advancements in training and competence within the industry.

The ‘Blue Planet Effect’ and Beyond was another seminar which saw the Executive Producer of Blue Planet II, Jason Honeyborne, explain the importance of storytelling to inspire people to change their behaviours. Jason described about the “horrific and revolting” views during his trip to the Pacific Ocean in the late 1990’s where he saw plastic knotted with the skeletons of birds who had choked on the waste. He further went on to explain that the filming crew didn’t expect to come across these horrifying images but were told to simply report what they found so that they could tell a true story. It was a powerful seminar which left members of our team feeling very thoughtful.

In Conclusion…

All in all, RWM and Let’s Recycle Live was a huge success for Certora. Our team were able to strengthen existing relationships and form new ones with the hope that they will be long-lasting. Informative seminars left our team feeling more aware and conscious of the current trends in the industry and the environment.

Did you not get chance to speak to our team at RWM this year?

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