IPAF Multi-Language Test Papers

IPAF and Certora understand that not all candidates will be fluent in the language used by the instructor and the test papers involved. Training centres and instructors, therefore, have an obligation to establish any language barriers for candidates and address these as far in advance as possible.

Candidates can choose their desired language in which to complete IPAF theory test papers, following recent updates, from the list below:

  • English EN
  • German DE
  • Spanish ES
  • Dutch NL
  • Italian IT
  • French FR
  • Portuguese PT
  • Chinese (Simplified) CHS
  • Chinese (Traditional) CHT
  • Czech CZ
  • Hindi HI
  • Polish PL
  • Romanian RO
  • Danish DK
  • Serbian SR
  • Turkish TR

Delegates wishing to change the language for their theory testing should contact Certora as soon as possible to allow for the correct paperwork to be sent to instructors prior to the training date and can also indicate language requests within the ‘note’ section of the IPAF Booking Form.

For more information on the IPAF training that we provide, don’t hesitate to contact us on 01246 386900.

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