IPAF PAL cards to go Digital in 2021

After a recent update announced from International Powered Access Training Federation (IPAF) and Trackunit, we are looking forward to the development of the digital version of the existing operator PAL Card, ePAL.

The pre-existing PAL card will be available in a digital format, allowing for operators to store their cards through the IPAF ePAL app directly on their phone/ipad/tablet from early 2021.

The re-development of the new cards comes after a number of licence misuse cases in which cards are being forged and creating problems for training companies like ourselves.

IPAF have been working closely with Trackunit to co-develop an app which is not only systematic and easy to use but allows for better data sharing capabilities and room for the access industry to expand.

The release of the ePAL system will take place in April 2021 following its initial launch at the IPAF summit early next year.

Source: Trackunit

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