Obtaining a Duplicate Training Certificate

We understand that during these unprecedented times where staffing may be low, departments may have merged or businesses may even still be closed, it is not always easy to get in touch with the required personnel or obtain the information you may need to carry out your job role.

With this being said, we know that some of you may be looking to require a duplicate copy of your training certificate but unsure where to go? Well here's how...

Arranged by yourself? If you paid for the training yourself, our certification team will be able to duplicate your certificate at an additional cost. All we need is your contact details and training details of the course you attended.

Arranged by your employer? If your employer paid for the training, we will need authorisation directly from them. Again, in order for us to duplicate a copy of your certificate we will need your contact details and training course details and we can raise a cost to your employer.

Employer no longer in business? We will need evidence that the employer is no longer in business then we will be able to proceed in obtaining a duplicate certificate for you at an additional cost.

Please send all details to our certification team who will be able to provide a cost and help you duplicate any training certificate requests at certs@certoratraining.co.uk

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