Updated Standards for Towers Used in PASMA Training

From 1 August 2023, towers used for PASMA Training must be certified to either EN 1004-1 (2020) or BS1139-6 (2022). The current version of BS 1139-6 came into effect almost 18 months ago, and since then, manufacturers have been transitioning to the new standards.

Courses to be Affected

As you may be aware, equipment used in Towers for Users must already be certified to EN 1004:1 (2020) and towers used for Low-Level Access must be certified to EN 1004:1 (2020) or BS8620 (2016).

From the beginning of August, towers that are now used on the following courses must be certified to BS 1139-6 (2022):

· Towers on Stairways

· Cantilever Towers

· Towers with Bridges

· Linked Towers

· Large Deck Towers

If you are hiring towers for PASMA training, then you need to communicate with hire companies to ensure you’re getting certified towers along with the most up-to-date instruction manual.

What Does ‘Certified’ Mean?

Certification bodies such as Test & Research Centre, TUV or BSI will certify towers for manufacturers. Companies should have their towers certified as it provides assurance for both the manufacturer and the consumers. It provides evidence that the tower is safe to use by meeting all requirements of the standard.

Manufacturers are required to obtain certification which is a condition of their PASMA membership.

How to Find Out if My Tower is Certified?

Since the standard was last updated, manufacturers have been updating their designs, releasing new products, and gaining certifications needed to comply with the new standard. Therefore, having a conversation with the manufacturer should provide insight into this.

Should I Buy a New Tower?

It’s highly unlikely that you will need to buy a new tower, however, you may need to purchase additional components. If you’re unsure, speak to the manufacturer as they can advise further.

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