Why the CIWM VRQ route is right for you!

Achieving your CIWM route to competence may be an overwhelming thought, more so with the shift in working styles since the pandemic changed the way in which a lot of companies work. With this, we saw a huge change with virtual training/online assessments taking over from physical training aspects and face-to-face contact.

However, we are here to make sure your approach is as seamless as possible, offering both virtual and physical training routes to suit your preferred training approach and ensuring our offering is always delivered with the delegate’s needs in mind.

Why choose a Vocational Related Qualification (VRQ)?
With all waste sites operating under an Environmental Agency (EA) permit, there must be a Technically Competent Manger (TCM) on site to run your facility effectively and in line with current waste and recycling legislations.

The level 4 VRQ is an ideal route for those who are new to the industry working in a low or medium risk facility or looking for a ‘taught and tested’ method of learning. It is a 5-day intensive and in-depth learning route that provides the delegate with the relevant skills, knowledge and understanding needed to work competently in the waste management/recycling industry.

Once the 5-day course has been completed, the delegate will be assessed through completion of knowledge questions to obtain their competence.

The qualification can be completed virtually from the comfort of your own home, or alternatively one of our assessors can come to site! Our course also covers applicable legislation requirements in Scotland.

Choosing your Qualification Route
All risk levels are identified by the EA, in order to establish the level of competency that is needed on site. For low and medium risk levels, a VRQ is the most cost-effective and efficient route to take to achieve that required level of competence, with a range of qualifications and units available based upon the operations of your site.

Unsure of the qualification units to take?
We can come to site and talk to your team and discuss your day-to-day runnings and help you plan your next steps. This will allow our assessors to understand the correct route for you, to get the most out of your VRQ with specific optional units and site tailoring that provides you with the most personable and applicable learning experience possible.

Achieving your VRQ with Certora
We work closely with the team at CIWM (WAMITAB), our assessors and the companies that we deliver training for to ensure the VRQ is as fine-tuned and interesting as possible, providing the delegate with the knowledge needed to successfully pass their qualification, whilst allowing us to continue to keep the content as relevant and up to date as possible.

For more information on the VRQ units or to book an assessor today, speak to our team today.

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