Add Your Industry Accredited CSCS Card to Your 2024 To-Do List

Are you aware that if you have an Industry Accreditation (IA) CSCS Card that regardless of when it was issued, it will expire at the end of this year?

The CSCS Card scheme has changed so all cardholders by the end of this year must have a nationally recognised qualification in place. That means that all IA Cards will be withdrawn and cannot be renewed after 31st December 2024.

Don’t worry! If your card is expiring this year, there is still time to gain a qualification.

You do not need to attend college to achieve a qualification and you might find you already have an accepted qualification or are a member of an approved professional organisation and your card can just be upgraded!

Visit the CSCS website to view their tailored guidance to help cardholders replace their IA cards and to check out the FAQs.

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