Are you Complying - EN1004 PASMA Tower Standard

What does the new PASMA tower standard mean to you? If your business uses mobile access towers to carry out any tasks onsite, no matter how frequent or infrequent, you have a responsibility to provide equipment to your employees that is safe, reliable and that meets the correct legislative requirements.

There will be a number of new changes coming into the mobile access tower industry for the BS EN1004 standard this year and whilst the original standard has not yet been withdrawn, there will be an implementation period to allow for a smooth and effective transition so employees can ensure the right equipment is situated on all sites.

The current standard allows us to understand what materials, dimensions, design loads, safety, and performance requirements we should be conforming to and why is it crucial that these requirements are followed indefinitely. This standard will now be adapted to provide even more safety measures and requirements onsite and provide maximum user safety.

Managed and enforced by technical committees (TCs) and the CEN TC53 Working Group, we expect to see a number of changes to the current standard, but how will these changes affect you and what should you expect to see?...

  1. Low-level towers brought into scope (towers with a working platform below 2.5 metres will now fall within the scope of BS EN1004)
  2. Mobile access towers to become more safe (shorter distances, measures, secured platforms, wind guidance)
  3. Product innovation (access from outside the tower, development in AGR)

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