Changes in IPAF’s Safety Harness Course

To make safety harness training more targeted to individual learners’ requirements, the singular Safety Harness Course has now been split into three separate courses:

  • IPAF Harness Awareness (HA)

  • IPAF Harness User (HU)

  • IPAF Harness Inspection (HI)

IPAF data indicates that falling from platforms is one of the main causes of injury associated with using boom-type MEWPs. These new safety harness courses are designed to help delegates have awareness and an understanding of how to use a harness correctly and safely.

Those who do not need to personally use or wear a safety harness will only need to take the HA course. This will involve theory-based learning and an assessment which can be done online, or instructor led. Candidates typically include managers, supervisors, safety professionals and planners. This course does not qualify delegates to use a harness in a MEWP.

Candidates who will use a harness whilst using MEWPs should take the HA course and then take the HU course onsite, instructor-led as this will involve a practical assessment. The practical assessment can also be incorporated into a MEWP Operator Course. Please be aware that a MEWP with suitable harness anchor points and an in date LOLER is required for the HU practical assessment.

Delegates who find themselves responsible for inspecting their company’s personal fall protection equipment (PFPE) and responsible for maintaining inspection records (including those required by law), should take the HA and HU course, followed by the HI course. Delegates are usually harness/safety inspectors.

How long will these courses last?

  • HA should approximately last two to three hours.

  • HA and HU can be completed consecutively which would take approximately half a day. The HA can be done via e-learning before taking the practical assessment. The practical assessment alone should take 15 minutes.

  • A full day may be required to complete the HI course, if the HA and HU is taken on the same day onsite. However, it is easily achievable to complete the HU and HI course in half a day, only if the candidate has previously completed the HA course online.

Current Harness Qualifications (H)

Candidates’ current Safety Harness qualification will remain valid. Once their qualification expires, the candidate must take the new course(s).

The Powered Access Licence is staying the same too. New qualifications will show on the ePal app when it is scanned.

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