IPAF Guidance - Operating MEWPs Near Powerlines

IPAF has updated and issued new guidance as part of the High Voltage Campaign, created to raise awareness of how to operate Mobile Elevated Work Platforms safely in the vicinity of energised power lines. Analysis of data shows the number of incidents that involve electrocutions and electric shocks whilst operating near powerlines have increased since 2015.

The majority of those injured are individuals who are not directly employed by energy supply companies and on many occasions the shocks do not come from overhead power lines.

This latest guidance seeks to provide support to all those working from mobile elevated work platforms and includes:

  • Planning for working near powerlines – including a planning flow chart
  • Risk assessments and control measures
  • Minimum approach distances
  • Touch and step potential
  • Training and familiarisation of different MEWPs
  • Typical signage
  • How to report an accident

Find out more and download the latest guidance from IPAF

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