IPAF Safety Warning Update – Avoid the Catapult Effect Guidance

IPAF’s safety and technical team have released their latest awareness leaflet specifically focused on the dangers of the MEWP Catapult Effect.

This leaflet forms part of a much wider initiative “Don’t Fall for it” which is directly focused on promoting the safe operation of access equipment and identifies key risks.

This update provides vital information and guidance on what causes the Catapult Effect – when stored energy or an impact to the MEWPs structure causes a whiplash effect that travels through the boom to the platform – and how to avoid accidents of this nature.

IPAF believes that experienced users of MEWPs will have experienced the catapult effect in a boom at least once and provide some key guidance on preventative measures.

Download IPAF's MEWP Catapult Effect leaflet from the IPAF Website.

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